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#TBT to Neon Lights and good times on stage with THE best fans!!! -Team BS

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Here's a little treat to get y'all excited for the premiere of @NBCTheVoice next week! #TeamBlake

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.@NickJonas if there's anything you need, all you have to do is say so. 👍

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Your FIRST LOOK at The Voice has officially arrived! 🚨

@NickJonas returns to #TheVoice with @BlakeShelton, @KellyClarkson, and @JohnLegend March 1 on @NBC.

There's only one more week until @NBCTheVoice is back y'all! #TeamBlake #TheVoice

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Listen music lovers... My friend @Wynonna still sets the bar for the kind of vocalist I wish I could be. I love you sis!

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Replying to @BruceArians: Hope to see you all TONIGHT! Still a few tickets left. Let’s have a great time, @richeisen @blakeshelton @FrankCaliendo @…

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Hope to see you all TONIGHT! Still a few tickets left. Let’s have a great time, @richeisen @blakeshelton @FrankCaliendo @kanebrown 👏 Get your tickets now at the link below ⬇️

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.@NBCTheVoice is BACK on March 1st‼️But while we are waiting, catch up on some good times from the past seasons! #TBT #TeamBlake -Team BS

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Need to know if anyone else brought their Valentine to Waffle House last weekend? Nope, just us? Cool. -Team BS

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Just bought my copy!!! Congrats @todd_tilghman!!

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It’s just about time to celebrate nearly a century of legendary country music with the @opry! Join Blake and @BradPaisley for #Opry95 — Tonight at 9/8c on @NBC. -Team BS

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Screenshot to see which @blakeshelton Valentine is calling your name 😘

Nothing says “Be Mine” like a Valentine from yours truly. Love, Me & @SmithworksVodka

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In case y’all need a playlist for your Valentine’s Day... Thanks @applemusic!

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Hey @blakeshelton, hope you enjoyed co-hosting the @opry 95th on @nbc with me. Sorry about the big words that tripped you up on your teleprompter, like “Antiquity” and “Narrative”... and “The”.

Good one @bradpaisley.. At least I was able to bring a little star power to the mix..

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Needing a last minute Valentine’s Day card? BS has got you covered with personalized #MinimumWage Valentine’s Day e-cards! -Team BS

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From mullets to No. 1 hits and every hairstyle and tune in between.. Thank you to country radio for always being in my corner!!!! #WorldRadioDay

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Did y’all know Alexa will play a song with just some lyrics!? #AskAlexa to "play the song that goes ‘make a man feel rich on Minimum Wage’" and let us know what happens... 👀 @amazonmusic -Team BS

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Raise your hand if you’ve seen the #MinimumWage music video!! Thanks for the support @CMT!

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Hell yeah @youtubemusic!!!!! Thanks so much for all the love y’all have shown #MinimumWage! #YouTubeMusic

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Y’all be sure to give my new single #MinimumWage a listen if you haven’t already!!!!

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