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Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular. @ellentube @theellenfund


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I love @ArianaGrande, and her favorite cafe is my new favorite too. They’re doing the most incredible things for their community. @southlacafe

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Who wants pancakes? Use code ELLEN to get a free stack of pancakes at this weekend!

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I went to Dodger Stadium this week to surprise these incredible frontline workers – with the help of some friends.

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.@JaneFonda is vaccinated, glowing, and only getting better with age.

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I wasn’t done surprising this incredible principal.

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Founder of @ItCosmetics @JamieKernLima's incredible story is the motivation you need this week.

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Everything is bigger in Texas, even the checks. Thank you so much for this incredible donation, @HEB. #ThanksSponsor

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.@ColinJost told me about the effect that @RegeJean had on the #SNL audience.

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If I can get @MaryJBlige to say “cactus” during our interview, the audience gets a prize.

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I found “I Don’t Know How But They Found Me”! They were right here on my show. #IDKHOWONELLEN @idkhow

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NASA lands a rover on Mars, I land a joke. Potato Po-tah-to.

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Not to be Blunt, but it’s a very special Emily’s birthday today!

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Quoted @cheunglindaa

My parents freaking retired today!!!! Look at the smile on my mom’s face 🥺

Congratulations! Did I miss my chance to get a croissant?

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.@DDLovato is no longer dating the person who convinced her to go skydiving.

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#GameofGames is back tonight! This is a really good one.

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We should all try to love ourselves the way this 3-year-old does.

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It's #NationalMargaritaDay! I'm celebrating a little early... and by early, I mean I started in June.

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.@DDLovato is honest and brave, and I can’t wait to watch her new docuseries.

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