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Even if the definition of ecocide is adopted by the International Criminal Court, it will not prevent it occurring. But it could help set norms for acceptable behaviour

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Although nobody in Congo keeps reliable death statistics, hospitals report a spike in mortality over the past few months

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Why the British prime minister’s job is an impossible one

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The case against Nicolas Sarkozy, former French president, is known as the “eavesdropping” affair

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Time to end duty-free

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Smuggled into the covid-relief bill is an overdue fix for Obamacare

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The life and lies of an unrepentant double-agent

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How British science came to the rescue

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Mild inflation is not to be feared, but hopes for a reflation of the economy can quickly spill over into fear of a sustained rise in inflation

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Replying to @ImKevinYoung: If you're a specialist in search, have a significant record of success in digital publishing and would love to work at @T

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The techniques used by fitness influencers today may have their roots in the Victorian era

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On “The Jab” podcast, @halhod explains why vaccines that need biological cells take longer to produce than newer technologies, such as mRNA

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Frontex is responsible for running a new European Travel Information and Authorisation System, which will screen and authorise non-EU citizens entering the borderless Schengen zone without a visa

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Gilbert & George often wish people a “happy Brexit” From the @1843mag archive

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White evangelicals are the bedrock of the Republican Party in America

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The Ordinary is a case study in the art of "unselling" From @1843mag

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New research could shed light on why some countries or populations appear to have been hit harder by covid-19 than others

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On our “Checks and Balance” podcast this week:
- How Joe Biden should re-engage with the world
- @shashj and former White House Russia adviser on the future of America’s nukes
- Our obituaries editor Ann Wroe on George Shultz

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If you're a specialist in search, have a significant record of success in digital publishing and would love to work at @TheEconomist then this new role in our brilliant Audience team might be for you. It's London-based and the closing date is March 14th

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A new phase in global tech competition is under way. Big tech's big dust-up could bring big changes to the digital economy. Our cover this week

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