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U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Chair of the Senate Budget Committee, is the longest-serving independent in congressional history.


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Obviously, as soon as we can, we must end the filibuster that currently exists in the U.S. Senate. Given the enormous crises facing working families today, we cannot allow a minority of the Senate to obstruct what the vast majority of the American people want and need.

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My own personal view is that the Senate should ignore the parliamentarian’s advice, which is wrong in a number of respects. I am not sure, however, that my view at this point is the majority view in the Democratic Caucus.

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But even more importantly, I regard it as absurd that the parliamentarian, a Senate staffer elected by no one, can prevent a wage increase for 32 million workers.

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Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed by the decision of the parliamentarian who ruled that the minimum wage provision was inconsistent with the Byrd Rule and the reconciliation process.

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At a time when millions of workers are earning starvation wages, when the minimum wage has not been raised by Congress since 2007 and stands at a pathetic $7.25 an hour, it is time to raise the minimum wage to a living wage.

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This week, as part of the reconciliation bill, I will be offering an amendment to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

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I applaud the Israeli health officials for their efforts. Making sure all Palestinians receive vaccines is the right thing to do from both a public health and moral perspective. I hope the Israeli government follows their advice as quickly as possible.

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Quoted @POTUS

Workers in Alabama – and all across America – are voting on whether to organize a union in their workplace. It’s a vitally important choice – one that should be made without intimidation or threats by employers.

Every worker should have a free and fair choice to join a union.

If Amazon workers in Alabama – a strong anti-union state – vote to form a union, it'll be a shot heard around the world. If they can negotiate higher wages & better working conditions in the South, it'll benefit every worker in America. Thank you, Mr. President, for speaking out.

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While Walmart refuses to raise its $11 minimum wage, Alice Walton had no problem purchasing a $500 million private art collection, buying a $25 million 2-floor Park Avenue condo with 52 windows and acquiring a $22 million 4,400-acre Texas ranch. Something is very wrong here.

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Replying to @PostOpinions: Bernie Sanders wants you to know the high cost of our low minimum wage, @helaineolen writes.

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The Walton family is, I think, the poster child for greed.

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Bernie Sanders wants you to know the high cost of our low minimum wage, @helaineolen writes.

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The most distressing aspect of our current economy is that half of our people are living paycheck to paycheck. When you’re working on starvation wages, it doesn’t take much to put you in serious financial trouble. We’ve got to take care of low-income workers in this country.

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If Rob Walton, a key owner of Walmart, can afford an estimated $226 million for an antique car collection that includes 12 Ferraris, 6 Porsches, 2 Maseratis and a 1963 Corvette Grand Sport Roadster, you know what? Walmart can afford to pay at least $15/hour to all of its workers.

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Fancy cars. Expensive art. Huge houses. The Waltons – the wealthiest family in the country – spend millions on themselves, but refuse to pay their workers a living wage.

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I am very concerned by last night’s strike by U.S. forces in Syria. The president has the responsibility to keep Americans safe, but for too long administrations of both parties have interpreted their authorities in an extremely expansive way to continue war. This must end.

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It is time for the owners of the nation’s most profitable corporations to pay their workers a living wage. That isn’t a radical idea in the richest country in the history of the world.

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I strongly disagree with tonight’s decision by the Senate Parliamentarian. But the fight to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour continues.

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Today, I asked the CEOs of Walmart and McDonald's a simple question: Why should taxpayers subsidize the starvation wages of their profitable corporations. If they think they can avoid answering this question because they declined to testify at my hearing they are sorely mistaken.

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Taxpayers should not subsidize starvation wages paid by the largest and most profitable corporations in America. We must raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. It’s morally right, and good for the economy.

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