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Honeybees achieve an incredible level of sophistication while working together to maintain a healthy nest

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Today women still only make up 12 percent of wildland firefighters—but initiatives are in place to encourage more into the field

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Operation Desert Sabre involved a fierce tank-against-tank campaign that outstripped even World War II’s savage battle of Kursk

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Enveloped by Arctic currents and narrow fjords, the Lofoten archipelago lures thrill seekers—including wintertime surfers

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Watch what happens when a young grizzly bear finds a camera

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Replying to @SoulofaNation: John Legend tells @SoulofaNation that the previous generation of activists “were my super heroes, and I wanted to live a…

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Many of the instruments may seem familiar, but with ice music, nature takes center stage

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As these photographs show, the bond between people and pets will likely endure, despite the challenges posed by COVID-19

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Almost a third of freshwater fish species are now threatened with extinction—yet it’s a crisis that has received far less attention than other environmental emergencies

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If you want to know more about the science that we do on @TeamShrub, then check out our Twitter, Instagram or blog and follow along with our adventures! 23/23

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If you dream of being a scientist and you want to brush up on your quantitative skills or you’re a field scientist that can’t get out to the field right now, come join us at @our_codingclub and challenge yourself to learn something new! 22/23

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That’s why a few years ago, my PhD student @gndaskalova & I set up ‘Coding Club’ to help people overcome the fear of statistics & coding. The idea is by teaching & learning together, we can all gain confidence. Now the team has grown & we’re reaching people worldwide! 21/23

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Women are still underrepresented in science, but why? I thought I wasn’t good at math growing up, what if I’d let that stop me? Now, many of my students worry about their coding, statistics and math skills, avoiding those subjects because they’re "too hard." 20/23

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I’ve been lucky to have many role models, but my most influential mentor is definitely my mom! Mom, aka Prof. Judy Myers, is also an entomologist—studying insects & the plants they eat. She's a tireless advocate for women in science & paved the way for ecologists like me. 19/23

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At the turn of the 18th century, over 300 years ago, the artist, scientist and adventurer Maria Sibylla Merian traveled the globe to study insects. Her observations were perhaps some of the first ecological studies. She became a founder of the field of entomology. 18/23

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Despite being underrepresented, women have played an important role in the development of many scientific fields including the field of ecology. In fact, depending on how you look at it, the first ever ecologist was actually a woman! 17/23

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If you want to know what the Arctic feels like, I recommend the writings of Christiane Ritter who, in 1933, over wintered on Svalbard north of Norway at 80 degrees North. Her artistic descriptions of Arctic landscapes nearly a century ago ring true to my own experiences. 16/23

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My former neighbor Ginny Wood, became a pilot during WW2. After the war she found herself stuck in Fairbanks, Alaska during winter unable to fly home. She decided to stay and became a pioneer in the Alaskan conservation movement and the founder of Camp Denali. 15/23

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John Legend tells @SoulofaNation that the previous generation of activists “were my super heroes, and I wanted to live a life that was impactful, like they did.”

Watch more from his interview on #SoulofaNation, premiering TOMORROW at 10|9c.

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By now, you've likely heard of this rover's mission, seen the hashtag #CountdownToMars, and may even be planning to pick up a red donut in its honor. Follow along as we chronicle the @NASAPersevere mission—and humanity's obsession with Mars—in the days ahead

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